Friday, March 27, 2009


Sorry about the lag between posting. Chronic pain will do that to a person, as will life in general, but RSD has a way of kicking butt beyond general life activity.

So, since my last post, I've embarked on a new treatment, a lidocaine pain block.

And may I announce, Ladies and Gentlemen, that for the first time EVER, we've found a pain treatment that actually BRINGS THE PAIN DOWN. A bit.

Hey, its not like its gone or anything insane, but its the first darn thing that has actually brought the pain down so that its a NOTICABLE decrease. I mean to say, I actually HUGGED my youngest with BOTH arms after the first treatment. Anyone that has RSD/CRPS in an upper extremity can attest to what a huge thing that is.

Of course, this being me, nothing happens without a glitch. During the first block, I had what my specialist termed, 'limb movement'. He didn't consider it a seizure, and felt comfortable repeating the procedure again, which we did yesterday. He knocked me out early, and so I'm not sure wth happened, but I have 2 more holes in my arm then when he first put me under, and bruised all to Hades from the IV sites. I don't know (yet) if I had more limb movement and ripped the IV out or what. I'll find out when he calls.

I also had an experience with a nasty nurse yesterday too. My first, which I suppose goes to show that the majority of the nurses that work in the Dayward are really great, since this was my 5th time in. She made it very clear to me that she resented spending any of her time with me, since other patients were there for SURGERY, and I was there for JUST A NEEDLE (emphasis hers). In fact, when it was about time for transport, she came in with a warmed blanket for me, which is SOP. She handed it to me, folded up, something I'd never ever had happen. Even before I had RSD, any time I was in the hospital and offered a warmed blanket, the nurse covered me with it. I started to explain that not only do I have RSD in my right arm, but my left arm had really been hurting the last few days from over use, and to ask for her help. She cut me off at, "I'm working one armed" and said, "Imagine if you didn't have any arms!" and walked off, leaving me to struggle with the blanket.

I felt humiliated, embarrassed, and as though I had no right to be there, which is exactly her intention, I suppose.

When I returned from my procedure, she was no longer there. I was told she had gone home, sick. Wolf thinks that since I asked another staff member what her name was, and explained what happened, either word got back to her or someone else, and she was sent home and TOLD she was sick. Either that, or she was overheard with another patient, being nasty.

So, that's the very newest stuff. I did the psych assessment, (apparently, I'm in the top 4% of the population, as far as IQ goes...which makes me scared to leave the house...cause if I'm the top 4, its really freaking scary out there, and alot of them drive) and have proof that my specialist NEVER said things are about to get REALLY interesting here...

Until the next time...

Peace, love, and pain pills!


  1. Wow, top 4 eh? Way to go! YAAAAHHHHH on the lidocaine!!!!! Glad you have some good news. You certainly deserve some relief.

  2. thanks girlie! Yeah, top 4. Makes me think we're a society of paste eaters, to be honest. Explains current parliment, anyways :oP